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Ancient faith for modern times.

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Our Values:


Devoted to preaching the whole counsel of God found in Holy Scripture and continuing in the teachings of the Apostles.


A family of faith bound in the love of God and neighbor showing hospitality to each other and the world.


Developing a sacramental life centered on weekly Eucharist.


Devoted to the early church’s ancient form of worship and prayers involving the participation of all believers. Liturgy is used from the 2019 Book of Common Prayer.

Sunday ​Worship







Holy Eucharist

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What To Expect

Dress casually and come worship God in a communal setting. We receive Holy Communion every ​week, and all baptized Christians are welcome to receive. We follow the liturgy of the 2019 Book of ​Common Prayer throughout the service. These are provided as you enter the sanctuary.

We joyfully include our children to experience worship with the whole congregation. Occasionally, ​we will provide a children's sermon prior to the homily.

Prior to the service, all are welcome to enjoy tea, coffee and pastries in the fellowship hall.

Contact Fr.Rob Belton for more information.

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Anglican Formation

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Catechesis instructs, trains, forms, and deploys Christians who pursue, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the call of Jesus to live according to his gospel as citizens in his kingdom and members of his body, the Church.

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Priest pouring holy water into the baptismal font, moments before a child receives the sacrament of baptism


Baptism is the outward ​and visible sign in which ​candidates are baptized ​“in the Name of the ​Father, Son and Holy ​Spirit.” The inward and ​spiritual grace is death to ​sin and new birth to ​righteousness through ​union with Christ in his ​death and resurrection.

Lit Candles at a Church


Confirmation refers to the rite in which, after a believer has been baptized, they make a mature commitment to the faith and receive increased gifting of the Holy Spirit through the bishop’s prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing.

Daily Office

Daily prayer is vital for the growing Christian's daily schedule. You can pray by yourself, with your family, with friends, at home, at church, with anyone, anywhere.

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Our Clergy

Deacon Tom Dennis-

Fr. Rob Belton-

Fr. Chad Rigney-

Fr. Mike DuCharme-

Fr. Michael Borders-

Fr. Travis Pearson-

Our Bishop

The Right Reverend Derek Jones

Our parish is under the leadership and direction Bishop Derek Jones. Bishop Jones leads the Jurisdiction of Armed Forces Chaplaincy within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

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